About us

The idea & the team behind Cropfiber GmbH

Founded in the summer of 2019 by Nils Freyberg as a one-man startup in Dortmund, Cropfiber GmbH POLEPOSITION COMPONENTS has since developed into a small company with five permanent employees. However, the ambitious vision behind it has remained the same ever since: more sustainability and resource conservation in the lightweight construction industry with the help of natural fiber composites.

Granted: Our founder and CEO drives a Porsche 911, but do “we decelerate climate change” and “emotionally charged mobility” have to be mutually exclusive?

This question gave rise to Cropfiber GmbH: because no, they don’t have to be mutually exclusive. If the car’s production and materials are CO2-neutral and conserve resources, it does no harm. It may even optimally bind CO2, as is the case with our Cropfiber materials.

The whole undertaking is to succeed with the help of our technology and material carrier: a roof box made of flax fibers. This will be launched on the market under the emotionally charged ASPHALTKIND brand in order to create more acceptance for the sustainable material in the highly emotional automotive industry.

The team

Nils Freyberg, CEO of Cropfiber GmbH POLEPOSITION COMPONENTS

Nils Freyberg

Founder & Managing Director


Marvin Miele

Development Engineer

Tiado Pieperhoff, CMO of Cropfiber GmbH POLEPOSITION COMPONENTS

Tiado Pieperhoff

Marketing & Communication

Merlin Chauvin

Material Engineer

Dominik Reitz

Production & Toolmaking

Our why

If the car is CO2 neutral, but the engine is not…

Of course, you then also want to move your car and enjoy the individual mobility that no one can or wants to do without, true to the inner desire “if I wanted to, I could”.

Fossil fuels have no future. Battery-powered vehicles are currently being heavily promoted. But the future could already be in the tank of Nils 911 and you wouldn’t notice: e-fuels produced with surplus solar and wind energy. Uncompromising. Cross-industry.

Cropfiber GmbH won high praise in a sustainability competition for phasing out carbon fiber. But when it came to the sports car, it hailed criticism. No one was able to prove that the car might not be CO2-neutral under the paint and in the drive system.

This inner drive is deeply rooted in our company: Question. Finding solutions. Not having to make compromises. Across industries and components.

Incidentally, this is how the idea for our roof box material carrier came about: Buy a bigger car or develop a solution that makes a car with a small trunk volume suitable for families, everyday use and perhaps even for dogs? We decided on the “2nd trunk”.

Our conclusion: No one wants to do without and be restricted. Solutions must be found and, above all, finally developed so that they can hit the road. Or turn in the wind in the case of the wind turbine, which again is a good example of “questioning”: The electricity that is generated is green. The rotor materials used are not.


We are and remain on it!

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