Our technology and material carrier

“There can be quite a lot of talk about the significance of numbers and data, but a visualized project always knows how to convince even more.” According to this principle, Cropfiber GmbH has developed its material and technology carrier, which presents on the one hand the novel material and on the other hand our approach to the production of components made of flax.

Our material carrier is a specially designed roof box, with the upper and lower shells made of flax. A roof box is the perfect technology and material carrier for the polarizing material, because it is required in precisely those areas where carbon excels: weight, stability and design.

The natural fiber roof box will be marketed under the ASPHALTKIND brand and will initially be available only in strictly limited quantities.



CW value of an airplane wing: < 0,11


Light. Lighter. Most stable.

< 17 kg for higher payload and lower center of gravity


Left track suitable.

For a comfortable cruising speed. For overtaking maneuvers. For safety.


Lines that fit.

Characterized by a tense clear lines. The box is in motion, although it stands.

Chiseled in fibers:

A declaration of love for automotive design.

Chiseled in fibers:

A declaration of love for automotive design.


Tense lines

By focusing on a clear taut lines and the abandonment of beads and edges, we achieve the “in motion although the roof box is” effect. With external measures of 215 x 90 x 32 cm fit the proportions and your luggage 1A. 

Cargo space miracle

More than 400 liters of cargo space are available for everyday life and especially for your adventures. The roof box can be opened in less than 2 seconds. The perfect trunk replacement. Also for everyday use.

The Design: Benchmark.

By working with an experienced automotive designer, we have broken new ground and achieved the goal: the roof box becomes part of the car. It complies with the principles of automotive design. 

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The first generation of our exclusive ASPHALTKIND roof box is limited to 100 pieces. Therefore, reserve your roof box quickly now and be one of the first to present it on the road.

The reservation process is based on the principle "first come, first served". This means that as soon as the 100 boxes are sold out, other interested parties will have to wait until the introduction of the second generation.

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